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Population: 10 million
Land Area: 26,340 KM2
Language: Kinyarwanda, English, French
Climate: 15 – 30 C

Rainy Season: March – May,
October – November

Dry Season: December – February, June – September
Economy: Agriculture, Livestock Farming

Access: Rwandair Express, Kenya Airways, South African Airways, Ethiopian Airlines.
It is possible to enter Rwanda by road from Uganda, Burundi, Republic Democratic of Congo and Tanzania. Road condition and security is good.
Transport: Minibus is the most popular transport in Rwanda. There are many minibuses from Kigali to other provinces.
Motorcycle taxi is very useful in town.
Visa: Citizens of USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, RDC, Sweden, Mauritius, South Africa and Hong Kong are not required to have entry visas
Time Zone: GMT +2 hours
Voltage: 220 – 240 V

Gorilla Trekking (Ruhengeri)
Mountain Gorilla is very rare primates in the world.
Akagera National Park
You can see a lot of animals, such as elephant, buffalo etc.
National Museum (Butare)
Please learn our history, culture and life.
Lake Kivu
Scenic location

Nyungwe National Park
Rare birds, primates, flora and fauna.
Nyanza (Gitarama)
Rwanda old kingdom
Genocide Memorials (Kigali, Nyamata, Murambi Nyarubuye etc.)
A necessity in the understanding of Rwanda.

Pre-Colonial Days:

Pre-colonial Rwanda was a highly centralized Kingdom resided over by kings. The king ruled three categories of chiefs, such as cattle chiefs, land chiefs and military chiefs. There were no tribes at this time; the Rwandans shared the same culture using one language “Kinyarwanda”.

Rwanda became a German colony.
King Musinga received the first group of European Catholic missionaries, knows as the “White Fathers”.
After the defeat of the Germans in WWI, Belgium established a political system of indirect administration with the King, effectively working under the Belgian President.
The Belgian Colonial Administration issues, for the first time, identification card that clearly categorized people as “Hutu”, “Tutsi” and “Twa” on the basis of the number of heads of cattle they owned or physical character. Those with ten or more cows were categorized as “Tutsi”, while those with less were categorized as “Hutu”.
King Rudahigwa demanded total independence and an end to Belgian colonial occupation. King Rudahigwa died mysteriously in Burundi. Most Rwandan people believed that there was Belgian involvement in his death. King Kigeri Ndahindrwa reigned Rwanda.
At a time of strained relationship between the monarch and the Belgian authorities, King Rudahigwa died mysteriously in Burundi. Most Rwandan people believed that there was Belgian involvement in his death.
First Genocide to Tutsi people. Many Tutsi exiled to DRC, Uganda, Burundi and Tanzania.
Belgium officially granted independence to Rwanda and Gregoire Kayibanda became the first president.
More genocide to Tutsi people.
Major General Juvenal Habyarimana toppled Gregoire Kayibanda and became the president. More genocide to Tutsi people.
More genocide to Tutsi people
Rwandese Alliance for National Unity (RANU) was established by a group of Rwandan exiles in Kenya. The objective of RANU was to find a solution for the problem of Rwandan refugees and to struggle against dictatorship in Rwanda.
RANU became Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF).
RPF began armed struggle.
After a long period of negotiation, the Arusha Peace Agreement was signed between RPF and the Rwandan government.
Although the Rwandan Government signed the agreement, they prepared for genocide to train the civilians “Interahamwe”.
President Habyarimana died in a plane crash.
Genocide began. More than 1,000,000 Tutsis and moderated Hutus were killed in three months, and 800,000 people were wounded mentally and physically.
April 1994
RPF captured Kigali.
RPF established the new government. Pasteur Bizimungu was the president and Paul Kagame who led the RPF was the vice president.
Pasteur Bizimungu resigned, and Paul Kagame became the president.
Dec 2000
New National Anthem and new national flag were established.
Dec 2003
New Presidential election, Paul Kagame was elected.
Rwanda has one town and 4 provinces, although there were one town and 11 provinces.
Aug 2010
New Presidential election, Paul Kagame was reelected.

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