MULINDI JAPAN ONE LOVE PROJECT was established by a Rwandan, Mr. GATERA RUDASINGWA, and a Japanese, Ms. MAMI YOSHIDA RUDASINGWA in 1996.

Gatera was born in 1954 in Kigali, Rwanda. Medical malpractice rendered him disabled.
Conflict in his home country of Rwanda, led him to escape to Kenya, where he met Mami, who was learning the Swahili language in Nairobi in 1989.

As their friendship grew, Mami learnt about the trials and conflict in Rwanda as well as the horrendous plight of the disabled.

In 1991, when Gatera visited Japan, his orthotic limb was broken. They visited an orthopedic workshop to make new one, and they found their lifework.

This technology to make artificial limbs surely helps people with disabilities in Rwanda.

After visiting Japan, Gatera visited a village called MULINDI which is near the border of Rwanda and Uganda, with used artificial limbs which he was given by a Japanese prosthetist.

"Mulindi" was a base camp of Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) and a lot of Rwandans, rebels, doctors, teachers, businessmen, and students who lived in abroad, gathered and struggled against the genocide.

Gatera got a chance to talk his objective in front of those people, including a present president, Paul Kagame. Gatera told them, showing used artificial limbs, that he was ready to start his project to help people with disabilities, whenever victory and security came. He promised them to make artificial limbs for anyone who lost their leg, such as soldiers fighting for freedom and people losing leg by genocide.

His speech was welcomed by all people who were struggling against the genocide. "Mulindi" is where Gatera talked about the project to the public for the first time, Japan is where Mami comes from. "One Love" is a song by Bob Marley, singing about love and to get together without hating. This is why our organization is called "MULINDI JAPAN ONE LOVE PROJECT".

While Gatera struggled against the genocide, Mami decided to learn the art of making artificial limbs in Japan.


The plot in 2003

In April 1994, Rwanda was ravaged by a horrible genocide. More than 1,000,000 people were killed within 100 days, and a lot of people became disabled due to landmines or cut off their body by machete.

RPF conquered and shortly after the genocide finished, Gatera returned to Rwanda and negotiated with the Rwandan Government to start the handicap NGO. In 1995, Gatera and Mami reunited in Rwanda.

In 1996, Mulindi Japan One Love Project was registered as a NGO by Ministry of Justice. The Rwandan Government generously donated land for the worthy cause.

In 1997, a temporary orthopedic workshop was opened in Kigali, and in 2000, we moved to the donated land for the permanent Center for the Disabled People.

In 2007, we opened another orthopedic workshop in Burundi, because they did not have any workshop to make artificial limbs.

We are collaborating with Ministry of Solidarity, they pay 60% of the price for artificial limbs. Also we have collaboration with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Police in Burundi.

In Burundi, we have a vocational training to teach prosthetic-making, welding and handicraft-making. One of the remarkable vocational training is to make Audio-Drum. Audio-Drum is an invention by Gatera's unique idea to combine Rwandan traditional art and present technology. It is a radio in Rwandan traditional drum. It can be used for drum, radio and interior decoration. We are looking for its market in all over the world. You can get it in Rwanda, Burundi and U.S.A.

Until now we have supplied artificial limbs and medical devices to more than 6,000 Rwandans and 2,000 Burundians.

We will keep on helping them until they get an opportunity to be self-sufficient.


Our Staff


We started construction in 1997.
We started to make bricks using soil from the plot -1997
The plot was basically a swamp.


Brick laying.
Basic Man power.
1998 construction continues.


Guesthouse construction in 1998.
Tree planting in 1998.


Restaurant & Guesthouse


Participation in Ban Landmines! International Childrens Conference in Japan in 2004.
With the mayor of Takashima-city in Japan at Ban Landmine Conference.
Explaining our activity to the lady of Imperial family in Japan at Expo 2005.


With delegations from several countries at Ban Landmine Conference.
At Ban Landmine Conference in Japan in 2004.
Ban Landmine Campaign in Japan in 2004.


Participation in Expo 2005 in Japan to introduce our NGO activities.
Participation in Expo 2005 in Japan with our friends.
Expo in 2005 Japan.


Seminar at Expo 2005 Japan.
Seminar at Expo 2005 Japan showing stick which was made in Rwanda.
With Rwandan delegation at Expo 2005 Japan.


Seminar at primary school in Japan.
Meeting our small friends at primary school in Japan
Meeting our small friends at primary school in Japan.


Planting tree with school children.
Seminar inTokyo in 2005.
Seminar in Tokyo, Japan in 2005.


Football Team
Playing Football


Checking Measurements
Making casts
Fitting New Prosthetics


Handing over Walking Sticks
Walking with Artificial Limbs
Other Means of Mobility

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